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General Setup Spell check for geeklog
2006 Apr 23, 11:34am EDT

Configuring spelling in Geeklog can be a PAIN in the NECK.

It is NOT setup by default so I have document what you have to do to set it up. Needed: Geeklog > geeklog-1.4.0
Aspell installed on server.

Quick overview:
You modify 3 files.

  1. Modify Config.php to enable advanced editing
  2. Modify from your php files fckeditor/fckconfig.js to include spell check on the option bar
  3. Modify ckeditor/fckconfig.js to use the spelling option that will work with browsers other than IE.
  4. If you are working on a unix machine you need to modify spellchecker.php
To see how to do this see the full entry.

Website Setting Up media wiki mysql 3.23
2006 Apr 15, 11:04am EDT

I just am using godaddy for hosting for a client. They are NOT using current systems. using Fedora core 2, (aka Fedora 2) Mysql 3.23. So here is a wikimedia tables.sql for mysql 3

applications Web Design
2005 Mar 29, 10:45am EST

Many people ask how do you make a good web page...

applications TypeKey protocol idea
2004 Mar 22, 09:32am EST

Something tells me that instead of typekey, there are open protocols out on the net already, maybe atom who knows but this is a totally off the cuff idea for authentication of blog postings....

applications way way way old blog
2004 Mar 22, 09:08am EST



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